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Elkhorn Group is a values-driven family firm that owns and manages investment real estate.

We are driven by a belief that communities grow stronger when neighbors support each other and are not socially isolated within the confines of their own home.  Our properties are home to unusually large groups of people that are selected for their ability to live well together, within their homes and their neighborhoods.

Elkhorn Group owns and operates mobile home parks, coliving homes, and small farm communities. Our goal for each project is to provide the infrastructure and support needed for the individual residents to thrive as a group.

We strongly believe that cooperative housing communities should be an accessible option for anyone who wants to live with others. When group living becomes a common form of housing, we will consider this industry a success.

If you’d like to speak with us, please get in touch anytime. If you’d like to schedule an advisory call, please do so by clicking here. we enjoy helping new investors make great purchases.

All our best to you. William Hayes Noel